Zajęcia metodą bezpośrednią wymagają min. 2 spotkań po 2 godziny tygodniowo, by zapewnić uczniom skuteczny i regularny trening językowy, którego efekty w ok. 2 tygodnie przechodzą do pamięci trwałej.

Prosimy o wybór nie mniej niż jednego terminu (lub podanie od razu wszystkich możliwych opcji uczęszczania), żebyśmy mogli szybko sprawdzić dostępność miejsc w grafiku.



Cześć 1

Poniższe stwierdzenia są prawdziwe lub fałszywe. Zaznacz, co uważasz za prawdę a co za fałsz lub pozostaw zaznaczenie w polu "not sure", jeśli nie masz całkowitej pewności, czy dobrze rozumiesz zdanie:

1 . Berlin is a small country.

2 . There are 7 letters in the word 'radio'

3 . The opposite of 'first' is 'last'

4 . We eat breakfast in the evening

5 . A mouse is a big animal

6 . Knives and forks are made of metal

7 . People are happy when they sleep badly

8 . It's necessary to pay when we buy something in a shop

9 . It's easy to drive on a foggy day

10 . A horse is stronger than an elephant

11 . Diet and excercise are important if you want to be healthy

12 . We wouldn't be in danger if this building were in flames

13 . People can change the laws of nature

14 . Kind people have a lot of enemies

15 . When you want to buy something, it's good to compare different products before choosing one

16 . 'Sidewalk' and 'pavement' both mean the same thing

17 . A flatmate is a person who works with us in the same corporation

18 . A commuter is a person who travels long distances to work every day

19 . Some people are superstitious about walking under a ladder

20 . "I would have got injured if I had been with them in the car" means that I was injured in a car crash

21 . You can book a hotel room if there are no vacant rooms

22 . Your teeth will decay if you neglect to brush them

23 . Greedy people are seldom satisfied with what they get

24 . A person who remains unconcious after an accident shouldn't be moved

25 . In some countries the law recognizes smacking a child assault

26 . A child's health is a common anxiety of a parent

27 . We get rough wind in a mild climate

28 . The opposite of 'tough' is 'tender'

29 . The stroke of lightning comes before the thunder

30 . Light bulbs often needs replacement

Cześć 2

Wskaż odpowiedni wyraz, który powinien wystąpić w pustym polu lub pozostaw zaznaczenie w polu "not sure", jeśli nie masz całkowitej pewności jak uzupełnić zdanie:

1 . Am I ... the window?

2 . ... you have a red box?

3 . ... like your town?

4 . Are there ... students in the classroom?

5 . I can ... somebody in the corridor.

6 . A train is ... than a car.

7 . ... you at school yesterday?

8 . When ... World War Two start?

9 . I will cook soup if you ... some meat and vegetables.

10 . I have ... to New York twice.

11 . If you ... me a thousand pounds, I would be happy.

12 . She may ... everything.

13 . You can't buy many things if you have too ... money.

14 . My parents were ... the flat on Saturday evening.

15 . Computers are ... in most offices.

16 . It is worth making the ... to learn a foreign language.

17 . Some people often try to ... their problems instead of solving them.

18 . He was really ... after having cycled uphill for 30 minutes.

19 . 'You mustn't put it here' He ... me to put it there.

20 . The city officials want to reduce ... by encouraging drivers to use the public transport.

21 . He cancelled the reservation at ... notice and had to pay the whole amount. - short

22 . Susan has been... from work for spoiling their customers' satisfaction.

23 . They were refused ... to the club as they were under age.

24 . It is high time Tom ... something about his attitude towards other drivers.

25 . We will start looking for a new flat to rent as soon as we ... the old one.

26 . According to the law, a person is assumed innocent until ... guilty.

27 . 'Acquire' is the synonym of...?

28 . The company sells furniture designed to be ... at home.

29 . A first-... kit is an essential piece of equipment in a vehicle.

30 . They tried to stop their dog from ... at the table.